Herold Fulfillment


Since the company foundation we have managed to grow steadily and extended our service portfolio continuously. Every single one of our customers contributed valuable impulses to this process. In order to fulfill our customers needs we made it our main goal to offer services today that you are going to need tomorrow.


As one of the leading medium-sized service providers in the fields fulfillment as well as publishing distribution we offer a range of services such as business, commercial and logstics support. No matter if your products are addressed to private oder business consumers we are going to send your goods reliably national as well as international.

Our customers include publishers, mail order companies, advertising agencies, food businesses, pharma companies as well as industrial companies.

Every single one of them backs on os fulfilling their needs with accuracy, rapidity and reliability in order that they can focus on their core businesses. 

You too should hire our team of specialists and use our services to your success.